Ontario PC Party says it would order outside audit of government spending if elected

Ontario PC Party Leader Doug Ford says he doesn't trust the governing Liberals' spending or accounting practices and wants an independent analysis of the province's finances. Chris Young / File / The Canadian Press

BROCKVILLE, Ont. – Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives say they’ll order an outside audit of the government’s spending if elected to office in June.

Tory Leader Doug Ford says he doesn’t trust the governing Liberals’ spending or accounting practices and wants an independent analysis of the province’s finances, which would be released publicly.

Ford has previously mentioned the possibility of an audit when questioned on his decision not to present a fully costed platform before the spring election.

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The Tories have consistently accused the Liberals of reckless spending and pointed Tuesday to the government’s decision plunge the province back into deficit instead of balancing the books as promised.

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The Liberals, who posted their first balanced budget in a decade last year, had vowed to stay in the black through 2019-2020.

But they chose to run a $6.7-billion deficit this year, saying it was necessary to provide what they called much-needed support to Ontario residents.

Two fiscal watchdogs – the province’s auditor general and financial accountability officer – have also cast doubts on their accounting in the past, with one questioning the government’s claims to balance in 2017-2018.

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