Volatile spring no surprise for meteorologists, but a boon to some in Kingston

High wind damage benefits some Kingston businesses
Kingston tree cutters and roofers are busy because of high winds.

Kingston’s recent volatile weather is to be expected this spring, and unfortunately, the warm weather may still be another few weeks away, according to meteorologists.

Wednesday morning’s rain, turning into gale-force winds and now Friday’s snow, are just a sign of the struggle between winter and summer, according to Canada’s leading weather source.

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And although spring is usually temperamental, this spring is meant to be a bit wilder and a bit colder than usual, according to a recent forecast put out by The Weather Network.

Because of the volatile nature of the weather, it means that Kingston’s tree-cutters and roofers, already swamped with calls after Wednesday windstorm, may not have seen the last of the action yet.

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For people like Eric Laturney, a licensed arbourist in Kingston, after doing the job for eight years, he said he has realized that other people’s pain is his gain.

“Yesterday morning, I had to do a tree that was split at the ground, and the top of it was hung up in two other trees,” said Laturney, adding that wasn’t exactly unique.

Everett Magee of Kerr’s Roofing has been a little less nonchalant about the recent wave of wild weather.

“We’re extremely busy. We’ve been trying to get all caught up with people because of the wind damage,” said Magee.

Either way, bad weather is good news for a select few in Kingston’s economy.

“It guarantees us work into spring,” said Magee. “Unfortunate for others but good for us roofers.”