Skipp Anderson out on bail, appealing sexual assault conviction

WATCH: Skipp Anderson, convicted and sentenced for a sexual assault, is out on bail after filing an appeal of his conviction.

A convicted sex offender found guilty of sexually assaulting his friend, is out on bail.

Skipp Anderson, 41, the former owner of Pink Lounge and Nightclub in Saskatoon, will remain out on bail until his appeal is dismissed or he’s awarded a new trial.

On Jan. 12, a jury found Anderson guilty of having sex with his friend who, witnesseses reported, was extremely intoxicated at the time.

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Documents filed at the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal list the following five reasons for the appeal.

Appeal filed with Saskatchewan Court of Appeal.
Appeal filed with Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. Court Document / Screenshot

Anderson was sentenced to 30 months behind bars. He’s been released on terms he hand over his passport and agree not to contact the victim.

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