The most popular places in the world to pop the question

The Eiffel Tower was ranked as the fourth-most popular proposal spot in the world. David Seyer/STRNEWZ Via Canadian Press

For some people, planning a proposal is more stressful than actually planning the wedding itself.

A lot of thought and dedication goes into asking your significant other to marry you.

While some people choose to keep it simple and intimate at home, others aim for peak extravagance, sparing no expense to pop the question or travelling around the world to do it., a popular wedding website in the U.K, conducted research on the most popular proposal locations, according to Instagram. Using hashtags like #bridetobe and #shesaidyes, the website ranked the top destinations for wedding proposals.

So what are the most popular proposal locations according to Instagram? In a maybe surprising number of amusement parks.

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1. Disneyland Paris

Paris might be considered the romance capital of the world but it’s not the Eiffel Tower or even the Louvre where people are choosing to pop the question. According to Instagram, one in 500 proposals occur at the “happiest place on Earth” aka, Disneyland. In fact, the demand for proposals is so high that Disneyland Paris has set up a service where they help you photograph the proposal as part of their Disney Special Services package.

2. Disney World, Florida

What could be more romantic than Cinderella’s castle? Childhood nostalgia clearly plays a big part in what makes this destination a top proposal spot on Instagram. Although some might associate Disney World with large crowds, long lines and extensive wait times, others deem it romantic enough to warrant a proposal. Judging from the hundreds of engagement ring pictures set against the backdrop of Magic Kingdom on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Disney World is a proposal favourite.

3. Centennial Lakes Park, Minnesota

One in 625 proposals takes place at this Minnesota park, according to’s analysis. This might be surprising considering the next location.

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris

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The fact that the Eiffel Tower — perhaps the most iconic landmark to be associated with romance — is not the most popular proposal spot in Paris is surprising. The tower was ranked the fourth most popular spot on Instagram, with one in 679 proposals taking place in front of it.

“It’s our No. 1 proposal location,” says Shay Daviau, a proposal specialist at Flytographer, a company that organizes and captures proposals around the world. According to Daviau, Flytographer has shot over 100 proposals in Paris alone. The most popular shot is on the Trocerdo platform, which has the best view of the Eiffel Tower, she says.

5. The Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles

Nothing says romance like Hollywood. According to Hitched, one in 1,000 proposals on Instagram take place in front of the iconic sign. While the sun setting against the bright lights of the city does make for a pretty picture, most people probably imagine a La La Land re-enactment when they make the decision to propose in front of the city of stars.

6. Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, New York City

Two landmarks in the Big Apple tied for 6th place on Instagram. Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park were deemed the two most popular destinations, according to Although it’s ranked as the sixth most popular on Instagram, it’s actually Flytographer’s most popular destination.
It’s the New York Skyline, says Daviau, which makes this landmark so romantic. “The view of Brooklyn Bridge against Manhattan skyline is one of our favourites,” says Daviau.
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7. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls was the only Canadian landmark to make it onto the top-10 list. It was ranked as the 7th most popular spot on Instagram, with one in 1,250 proposals taking place in Canada’s most well-known, if not clichéd, tourist attraction.

What else goes into planning the perfect proposal?

When picking a location, it’s not all about big landmarks, according to Daviau. The significance of the location and the meaning it holds for the couple is just as important.

If you’re into Instagramming your engagement, good lighting, key timing and having a decent photographer to capture the moment, are all important factors when it comes to getting down on one knee. It’s also good to be prepared for unexpected situations because anything can happen, says Daviau.

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“One of our photographers captured a proposal beside the French Riviera. The couple began to have their engagement shoot right afterwards and the ring fell off the girl’s finger into the ocean! Our photographer had to jump into the water, swim to the bottom and get the ring back,” she said.

“Just going in and having a bit of a plan helps,” says Davieu. “Or proposing somewhere that has meaning or is special to the couple. Maybe she dreamt her whole life of going to Paris and they’re finally going and that’s where he’s going to make his move, or he’s proposing where they had their first date – it should be something with meaning.”

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