Lunch rush? Winnipeg speeder issued $1,000 ticket

Winnipeg police issued a speeding ticket Tuesday for a driver doing double the posted limit on a city street. File / Global News

A Winnipeg driver may be feeling sick to their stomach after a lunch-hour encounter with police Tuesday.

The Winnipeg Police Service tweeted a picture of a speeding ticket issued at 12:42 p.m., for $979.

Officers said the vehicle was pulled over near Inkster Boulevard at Groverdale Avenue – just a few blocks from an elementary school.

Staff Sgt. Sean Pollock of the traffic division said while some might expect that criminal charges would be warranted, that is not necessarily the case.

“As a parent, to think that there is somebody out on our streets travelling at that rate of speed is alarming for anyone. The big piece though is that there are certain criteria that have to be met for the criminal code…”

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The ticket shows the driver was doing 141 km/hr, more than double the legal limit.

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Pollock said rates of speed that high not only put the driver at risk, but everyone else as well. He wouldn’t say what excuse, if any, the driver might have given to explain their driving.

“At that kind of speed, I don’t think there is any excuse that could be given.”

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