B.C. driver fined after rear camera catches her tailgating student driver

Click to play video: 'Whistler-area driver hit with hefty fines for impatience'
Whistler-area driver hit with hefty fines for impatience
WATCH: A Whistler woman is facing hundreds of dollars in fines after she was caught on camera tailgating – and filming – a new driver. Grace Ke has more – Mar 12, 2018

A B.C. woman has been fined nearly $500 for dangerous driving following an incident that happened in 2017.

Joanna Harrington was fined for crossing a solid line and using an electronic device after she was caught on the rear camera of a car that was being driven by a student driver with her instructor in the passenger seat on the Sea to Sky Highway last July.

WATCH BELOW: Dash cam footage of a B.C. woman driving dangerously near a student driver. This video has been condensed from its original length.

Click to play video: 'Driving instructor releases dash cam video of dangerous tailgating car'
Driving instructor releases dash cam video of dangerous tailgating car

The student driver’s car travelling between Whistler and Pemberton when Harrington came up behind them quickly.

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The instructor says they were going the speed limit.

Harrington was apparently frustrated with the fact the student and instructor were obeying the speed limit so she followed closely behind, flashing her lights at them.

At one point, she used her cellphone to take pictures of the other car.

“Basically bullying our students,” said Todd McGivern with Licence to Drive. “She was flashing headlights, waving her arms about and even putting on her right turn signal, asking us to move over off the road out of her way.”

Finally, she passed them on the right, crossing a solid line to do so.

“You can see in our footage she’s taking pictures of us while waiting at a red light,” said McGivern. “The red light turned to green and she illegally overtook us from the right hand side through the intersection, crossing over white solid lines.”

The instructor can be heard taking down Harrington’s licence plate in the video.

But that wasn’t the only matter that landed Harrington in trouble.

After the incident, she called police to complain that the student driver was going too slowly and making her late for work.

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Coverage of dashcam footage on

That, along with the footage, brought her a date in court.

On Monday, Harrington was given a $109 ticket for crossing a solid line and a $368 ticket for the use of an electronic device.

She did not show up for court on Monday, asking for an adjournment due to child care issues.

However, the judge refused, as every other party concerned had shown up.

Harrington did not return Grace Ke’s phone calls regarding the incident.

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