Kelowna teens violently swarm man

Click to play video: 'Kelowna students attack man' Kelowna students attack man
Video shows four youths attacking adult outside Kelowna 7-11. Police say there's more to the story – Mar 7, 2018

UPDATE: Kelowna RCMP say the incident unfolded inside the 7-11 on KLO Road Monday where the adult showed in the video being attacked, accused one of the youths of stealing. They say the confrontation continued outside the store where it escalated into a fight. Police say a teacher from KLO broke up the fight and that charges are being considered but have not been laid at this time. Police are looking for witnesses to the attack.

Original story: 

Kelowna RCMP are investigating what appears to be an assault involving four young men and an adult.

A parent, whose child attends a nearby high school, forwarded a social media video to Global Okanagan showing the assault.

The video shows four young males pinning an adult up against a brick wall. The area where the assault occurred would appear to be a small strip mall next to KLO Middle School.

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The young males are seen punching the adult and cursing at him.

The adult manages to break free before he’s wrestled to the ground.

The video shows there were several witnesses to the attack.

One of the youths caught on tape assaulting the adult tells Global Okanagan there’s more to the story than what is depicted in the video.

The KSS student says the attack happened Monday at the Mac’s where one of his friends was accused of stealing some candy.

He says the adult depicted in the video identified himself as a store employee and confronted the alleged candy stealer.

The student says what video doesn’t show is the adult grabbing his friend and pinning him up against a wall.  He says the student retaliated and was defending himself.

But the student admits the situation could have been handled without violence.

The student says he along with his friends have been suspended from KSS.

Global Okanagan will have more on this story as more details become available.

Click to play video: 'Interview with father of teen involved in altercation' Interview with father of teen involved in altercation
Interview with father of teen involved in altercation – Mar 7, 2018

WATCH ABOVE: Mike Rheault, the father of one of the teenagers involved in the altercation, gives his son’s side of the story.

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