Toronto nightclub faces backlash for Asian-themed ‘Stir Fry’ party

This photograph has been widely circulated on social media, following a themed party at a Toronto nightclub. septemberbred / Instagram

A popular Toronto nightclub has come under fire for a culturally-themed party it threw Sunday night.

There has been considerable social media push back against Wildflower. The club, located inside the Thompson Hotel, hosted a ‘Stir Fry’ party.

In a photo posted on Instagram, a man identified by users as a member of nightclub staff is donning a straw conical hat and squinting his eyes.

The concept for the party was based on the Migos hit song ‘Stir Fry.’

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Global News contacted the management team at Wildflower and public relations spokesperson Laura Fracassi said the company has been inundated with feedback.

“Individual messages have been crafted and have been going out through direct messages to those who have commented on our Instagram … So far, we have personally written to more than 150 individuals and will continue to do so. In addition to those on social media, our staff have been negatively impacted so we have reached out to each offering our support,” she said.

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“We acknowledge that the first apology missed the mark, so we have uploaded a proper apology accepting responsibility for the oversight in the event. This blame rests solely on us and this should have been communicated right from the start.”

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Wildflower posted an update on its Instagram page saying the company will change.

“We will use this as an example to do better and think more carefully about our actions.”

As for how they plan on applying what they have learned, Fracassi said they are developing a ‘communications protocol’ to ensure everything that is relayed to staff, customers, friends and partners ‘reflects the moral framework’ of the establishment.

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Through his communications director, Mayor John Tory condemned the event in a statement to Global News.

“Mayor Tory is aware of the incident and is deeply disappointed by what has been reported,” Don Peat wrote.

“The mayor has repeatedly stressed that Toronto is a city where we pride ourselves on our diversity and tolerance. He firmly believes that there is no place for racism in Toronto.”


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