Alec Baldwin’s Trump talks gun control, compares WH to dysfunctional fast food joint in SNL skit

Alec Baldwin’s Trump returns to discuss gun violence in SNL cold open
WATCH: Trump says he has one of the ‘healthiest mentals’ in SNL cold open

Saturday Night Live returned to Global TV screens this Saturday after taking a hiatus during the 2018 Winter Olympics, with Alec Baldwin shaking off his recent Twitter spat with U.S. President Donald Trump to assume his famous impersonation of the president yet again.

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This week’s SNL cold open began with a depiction of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360, with Cooper seen introducing the network to viewers as “your number one source for impeachment porn.”

He then brings up the ongoing debate over gun control, saying that, “At times like these, we look to our leaders for guidance — but instead, we hear from Donald Trump.”

Baldwin’s Trump is then shown on screen, flanked by vice-president Mike Pence and Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein. He begins by sharing his thoughts on the deadly school shooting in Florida that killed 17 people.

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“We have to take a hard look at mental health, which I have so much of. I have one of the healthiest mentals. My mentals are so high.”

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He then suggests that it may be time to take guns every from everybody, “even whites,” prompting Sen. Feinstein to quiver with excitement. Trump observes that the 84-year-old Feinstein hasn’t been this excited “since women were allowed to get jobs.”

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Pence’s reaction is a more worried one however, and Trump holds his vice-president’s hand in an attempt to comfort him, before realizing that he’s only making Pence more uncomfortable because “he’s worried this is a gateway touch.”

Baldwin’s Trump then says something needs to be done “because folks, I can only run into so many schools.”

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He adds that, if he could, he wouldn’t merely run into every school in the U.S. to save lives, but is willing to “run till North Korea, again completely unarmed, find Rocket Man… and throw him over the great wall of Korea.”

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Trump says he would have entered Florida school unarmed to protect students
Trump says he would have entered Florida school unarmed to protect students

The president then complains that he’s being left to fight gun control all on his own, “because of these people who keep resigning.

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Hope Hicks, so smart and so hot… she resigned. You know, I hate watching her go but I love watching her walk away,” he continues. “I mean, Jared Kushner is basically the hottest chick left in the place and he’s probably going to jail soon.”

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Trump then implores his national security adviser H.R. McMaster not to resign, only to notice that McMaster’s chair is empty.

He then observes that the U.S. needs to do something about gun violence if it is to stay the most powerful country in the world. “They’re all beating us, China, Japan, Wakanda,” he says, mentioning the fictional African nation featured in the film Black Panther. “Wakanda is laughing at us right? They’ve got flying cars, people, in Wakanda.”

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Alec Baldwin’s Trump returns to ‘SNL’ cold open for ‘Fox & Friends’ episode from bed
Alec Baldwin’s Trump returns to ‘SNL’ cold open for ‘Fox & Friends’ episode from bed

Baldwin’s Trump then reminds everybody of his campaign promise to run the U.S. government like a business.

“That business is a Waffle House at 2 a.m., crazies everywhere, staff walking out in the middle of their shift, managers taking money out of the cash registers to pay the Russian mob.”

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Trump then brings up attorney general Jeff Sessions, beginning to speak ill of him, only for Sessions to appear out of nowhere and take him by surprise.

“That’s very funny Mr. President, but I’m goin’ anywhere,” Sessions says. “And I just had dinner with all your friends at the Department of Justice and wow, your name popped out more than a weasel in a pumpkin patch.

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“You can’t bully me anymore.”

Saturday Night Live airs on Global TV