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The InstaList: Canadian photographers embracing winter

Full moon skates

Adam Cornick/@acorn_art_photography

Canada has faced pretty harsh weather this winter season, leaving many seeing no end to the snow. As the countdown continues for sunnier days, some may sulk and hide inside, forgetting there is true beauty during these snowy months.

Luckily, these photographers in this instalment of The InstaList have captured the beautiful essence of winter throughout Canada.

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WHO: @Theplaidshirt – Vancouver, B.C.

WHAT: With more than 28,000 followers, ThePlaidShirt has captured the innocence and peaceful essence of British Colombia. The photographer behind this account leads a life away from the big city business of Vancouver and dives into the hills with ventures through B.C. forests.

Often joined by a few helping hands, ThePlaidShirt is able to bring the beauty of nature to his followers to also dwell in the calm embrace of every single one of his photographs.

Although the images are subtle in tone, and colours are appealing to the eye, he offers fans a bold perspective on nature along the West Coast.


WHO: @Liz_c – Whitehorse, Yukon

WHAT: Elizabeth Barker, nature lover and “amateur adventurer,” is far from amateurish when it comes to photography.

Barker’s collection of images includes stunning images of Aurora Borealis, scenic mountains and even a few friendly faces, and creates a remarkable image of the Great White North for Canadians to enjoy.

“Most of the photos I take aren’t from the peak of a mountain that took me two days to climb. They’re taken from places that you pass by every day — a pull-off on the side of the highway or a park in town,” Barker said in an interview with Global News.

Skies covered in luminous colours add light to the darkness of winter — creating a therapeutic outlook for Barker’s followers.

“I like to show that you don’t need to be a professional adventurer to get epic shots, sometimes it’s as simple as seeing a place at a different time of day or taking the time to notice details you may never have taken the time to notice,” said Barker.

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For those who haven’t had the opportunity to venture to the Yukon, Barker shares a memory that truly reminds us of how amazing Canadian wildlife can be.

“Last fall, I was taking northern lights photos just outside of town. It was around 11:30 p.m. and I was parked on a gravel side road, a few kilometres off the main highway. It was a perfect night for northern lights photography, calm, clear and dead quiet. I had been taking photos for around 40 minutes when all of a sudden I heard some rustling behind me. When I turned around there was a male deer buck standing about 10 metres away from me. He stood there watching me for around three minutes before running away,” recalled Barker.

“I mean, the northern lights are incredible to witness on their own but add a wildlife element in there and it’s a whole other level of amazing!” she added.

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In terms of her Instagram account, Barker said, “My Instagram style has definitely evolved throughout the years but right now I’m really into the look of faded photos with a pop of colour.”

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WHO: @manucoveney – Quebec City, Que.

WHAT: Quebec City in the winter looks as if you have stepped into a different era. The streets are filled with rich history and culture, and those who get the chance to visit are in for a wonderful experience.

Emmanuel Coveney, digital artist and urban photographer, gives his followers a glimpse of what those in Quebec City experience during the winter months.

“The old architecture of Quebec is magical. At sunrise and sunset, when the streets are empty, it’s easy to teleport back in time,” Coveney said in an interview with Global News.

From a young age, Coveney developed an interest in visual art, wanting to tell stories through imagery.

“I really like urban and street photography. I edit my shots with as much details as possible without using HDR,” said Coveney.

His practice of capturing human interaction and the Quebec’s rugged architecture became a passion which changed his life for the better.

Coveney has been featured in Magazine 1608 and Journal Le Soleil through their Instagram account.


WHO : @acorn_art_photography – Halifax, N. S.

WHAT: Colourful is an understatement when it comes to this winter-loving Instagrammer. Adam Cornick, the photographer behind @acorn_art_photography, brings the East Coast to the forefront while creating captivating images for many to discover.

For years, Cornick has captured landscape photographs, trying to catch — in a single shot — almost surreal pictures of Nova Scotian weather.

“I’ve always been interested in art and when I got my first digital camera and you could teach yourself how to take better pictures as the results are instantaneous, I was hooked,” Cornick told Global News.

Fisherman’s Cove, Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg’s shoreline also make an appearance on his Instagram account.

“I like to recreate that feeling of getting that first glimpse of the waves as you come over the hill or drive around the corner. I shoot primarily at golden hour so either around sunset or sunrise to get the soft light and any colour the sun can throw in to the clouds,” Cornick added.

When asked about his inspiration as a photographer, Cornick said, “I would say my passion for the beauty of nature has always been there and the photography is just a means of capturing and sharing it.”


If you’re interested in pursuing photography, Cornick had this to say:

“Get out there and shoot as much as possible and look at what you’re capturing and try and understand what shots work and which don’t and why. Study all you can and if in doubt, get out there and shoot, it’s nearly always worth it.”


WHO: @dewucme – Toronto, Ont.

WHAT: In a busy city, lonesome streets can become a snowy playground for many photographers trying to capture the ever-so-daunting presence of winter.

Jason Lynch captures culture, nature and nightlife with his images, simulating a futuristic theme this winter through his Instagram page. With vibrant colours and different perspectives, Lynch delivers quality photographs that capture the struggles and beauty of city life.

“What motivates me would be my drive to tell a story in every photo. I draw a lot of strength from the loved ones in my life, drive and passion to be different and stand out,” Lynch said in an interview.

Living in a city like Toronto comes with a lot of perks, with bright lights, neon sign and culture at every step. During this especially-cold winter season, a different outlook on beauty and appreciation for things that we don’t necessarily acknowledge can emerge.

“Photography in the winter can be challenging but also very rewarding. I love capturing the big storms and I am also out there in -20 C to -40 C weather. In winter, people act very different as well. The city landscape changes a lot.  I look for reflections, light, shadows and unique compositions,” said Lynch.

At the end of the day, Lynch encourages those interested in photography to take a step back and take advantage of what they can capture.

“Always explore your surroundings, there are stories, angles, beauty everywhere in the city or town you live in. You can take a simple thing as a garbage truck or an alley and make it beautiful. It’s whatever you see and remember art is always subjective,” added Lynch.

“I always say ‘It’s not the gear that matters, it’s the person behind the lens that counts,’” said Lynch.

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