February 4, 2018 1:14 am
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SNL parodies ‘Fox and Friends’ episode featuring Donald Trump and Hope Hicks

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It’s no secret that U.S. President Donald Trump isn’t a fan of the mainstream news media, but he has never been shy to express his admiration for Fox News, particularly its daily morning show Fox & Friends, which is seen by many as granting particularly favourable coverage of the president.

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Accordingly, this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open depicts Fox & Friends hosts Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade as fawning over Trump at every opportunity, and being keen to please him with praise and flattery.

However, the first guest to appear on the show is Trump’s communications director Hope Hicks, who promptly expresses the Trump administration’s admiration for the show.

“We love the show over here at the White House, it’s playing at full volume at every meeting,” she says.

Hicks is then asked about her rise to the White House, having only recently been a model working for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

“There are no real jobs here, you know?” Hicks replies. “Every day feels like when a group of strangers suddenly work together to push a beached whale back into the sea.”

Asked about whether she feels worried about being dragged into the Devin Nunes memo controversy by the FBI, Hicks says with a wink, “Even if a certain White House it-boy did get a little chatty with some Russian hunks, you wouldn’t hear about it from me.”

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The next guest to appear on the show is firebrand religious leader Louis Farrakhan, who garners praise from the show’s hosts for “telling the truth about the FBI before any of us,” before then warning them that all the white people in the room

Then comes the star turn, with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump pictured in a surprise call with the show’s hosts — whilst lying on his bed.

The Fox & Friends hosts immediately begin to fawn over Trump, telling him how big an honour and privilege it is to be able to speak to him.

Trump, smartphone in hand, then reveals that he’s getting his daily intelligence briefing.

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“From who?” asks one of the hosts.

“From you guys,” Trump responds. He then lauds Fox & Friends for their high ratings, although “of course not as big as my State of the Union address which was watched by 10 billion people, including all of China.”


The hosts then shower an avalanche of praise at Trump, calling him greater than Julius Caesar and saying that his State of the Union speech was the greatest speech in U.S. history.

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Trump then encourages the hosts to back his claim about his State of the Union speech viewership, before asking them, “Who’s the most innocent guy in the whole wide world?”

“You are!” they reply in unison.

“I can’t hear you,” Trump teases.

“You are!” the hosts exclaim again, prompting Trump to say with satisfaction, “Daddy needed that.”

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