Greta Marofke’s great-grandmother gets tattoo to commemorate 3-year-old Calgary cancer victim

Greta Marofke’s great-grandmother gets tattoo to commemorate 3-year-old Calgary cancer victim
WATCH: It’s not very often an 84-year-old stops in to get a tattoo. But as Gil Tucker shows us, one Calgarian has a special reason for going “under the needle” for the very first time.

They make an unusual sight sitting in the waiting area at Enso Tattoo on Calgary’s bustling 17 Avenue S.W. – two great-grandmothers, ready to try something new.

“It’s our first time,” Zenith Hrdlicka said with a laugh. “Can’t do much harm at this stage of the game.”

Hrdlicka, 92, was at the studio this week to get a small ‘z’ tattooed on her shoulder.

“In case I forget my name,” she joked. “At least I’ll know what my initial is.”

Hdrlicka was there with her friend Marg Houston, who’s 84.

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Houston had a very special reason for getting a small star tattooed on her forearm.

“It’s for my little great-granddaughter Greta, who passed away in the fall from liver cancer,” Houston said.

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Three-year-old Greta Marofke captured many Calgarians’ hearts during her courageous battle against that cancer.

Many donated money to support Greta’s trip to a Cincinnati hospital that specializes in treating the rare form of cancer from which she suffered.

Despite a liver transplant, she passed away in September 2017.

Houston feels the star tattoo is a fitting tribute to her great-granddaughter.

“She was just a really lively, little fun girl,” Houston said. “It didn’t take her very long to get over her serious surgeries and she was right back again.”

Both women are residents of the Rocky Ridge Retirement Community, which has a program that helps seniors realize “bucket list” dreams.

Getting the tattoos was part of that program—a way for Houston to preserve the memories of her little Greta.

“It will remind me of her and her spirit,” Houston said, “and how positive she always was.”

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