Anjou reprimanded by Montreal for clearing streets of snow

Click to play video: 'Anjou mayor reprimanded for snow removal'
Anjou mayor reprimanded for snow removal
WATCH: The borough of Anjou has been reprimanded for clearing its streets of snow and ice. As Global's Tim Sargeant reports, Montreal officials insist snow clearing is a “central” task and that borough mayor Luis Miranda overstepped his boundaries – Jan 29, 2018

The borough of Anjou, in Montreal’s east end, has been reprimanded by city officials for ordering the streets and sidewalks be cleared of snow and ice.

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Borough Mayor Luis Miranda told Global News he ordered his work crews to start cleaning the streets and sidewalks shortly after the storm last week — even though he wasn’t given the OK to do so.

“I’m not going to sit down because they’re not doing their job,” he argued.

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Insisting he has no regrets, Miranda told Global News he is in no mood to take orders from city officials, saying he answers to his residents first.

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“They [city officials] better get out of their offices and maybe go see what’s going on the roads as it is,” he said.
The streets in Anjou have been cleared of snow, but the borough is now being reprimanded by the city, on Mon. Jan. 29, 2018. Tim Sargeant/Global News

The mayor argues the central city takes far too long to organize snow removal, and the department in charge of the operations should be scrapped.

“Will they charge me after? I will fight it, no problem. We will see. No regrets,” said Miranda.

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He received a letter from the city reminding him that Anjou wasn’t authorized to remove snow ahead of schedule.

“You have permission to carry out snow-clearing operations only when the central city says so,” the letter states.

“Therefore, we wish to inform you that your borough will be completely responsible for the cost of this operation.”

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City official Jean-François Parenteau, who is in charge of snow removal, insists other boroughs should not follow Anjou’s example.

“We don’t want to make a difference for citizens who live in Anjou, RDP or Verdun,” he said.

Anjou Mayor Luis Miranda has been reprimanded by the City of Montreal for ordering the removal of snow and ice from the streets and sidewalks ahead of schedule, Mon. Jan. 29, 2018. Tim Sargeant/Global News

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