Sign claims B.C. man is selling home because neighbour ‘is an ‘a–hole’

Kelowna “For Sale Sign” controversy
WATCH: Neighbours are weighing in over a sign that was put up in Kelowna by a man who is fed up with his neighbour. Jules Knox has more.

Warning: Story contains strong language

A Kelowna man has come up with a unique way to put his house on the market. Kane Blake decided to sell his home and put out a sign that reads: “Home for Sale, by Owner, Because Neighbor is an A–hole.”

Blake said he and his family have lived in the home for five years and love the neighbourhood, but they feel they have to relocate due to issues in the area.

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He said it’s gotten so bad his kids don’t feel safe walking to school.

“We’re sort of being forced to sell our home, unfortunately, due to the stress and everything that is being brought from a resident in the area.”

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Blake put up the sign Thursday and says he is working with a realtor. With his unconventional sales pitch, he has received plenty of attention from passersby.

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“Everybody that’s been stopping to take photos of the sign are always smiling and laughing, giving me the thumbs-up,” he said. “They love the sign. They think it’s funny.

“They want come share their story with me… It’s been all positive feedback.”

He says he’s even received some interest in the home, despite his warning.

“It’s a gorgeous neighbourhood,” he said. “It’s just a few issues that need to be dealt with. I’m sure at some point in time — I don’t know when — but I’m sure they’ll be dealt with.

“Personally, I’m done being bullied in this neighbourhood so I’m going to sell and maybe the next person will have better luck than me.”