Burnaby’s cross-examination of Trans Mountain continues in Vancouver

Click to play video 'City of Burnaby taking on Kinder Morgan pipeline route' City of Burnaby taking on Kinder Morgan pipeline route
The City of Burnaby isn't giving up its fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline project, even though it's been approved by the federal government. Ted Chernecki explains.

Concerns over the impact of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project on the Burnaby Mountain conservation area were heard at the National Energy Board (NEB) route hearings on Wednesday.

City of Burnaby lawyer Greg McDade continued his cross-examination of Trans Mountain witness Michael Davies on if the company would rule out having to access the environmentally sensitive area while building a tunnel.

“You’re telling us it’s a low risk, but you’re not prepared to give insurance?,” asked McDade.

“I think that’s a fair summary of what I said,” said Davies.

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“In other words, you want Burnaby to take the risk rather than your company?”

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“I don’t see it as taking risks or not,” Davies responded, “I think it’s what I’ve just described as is the process that we would follow, and what we would be willing to commit to with Burnaby to maintain pipeline safety.”

When asked if conservation area would be impacted if there was a pipeline leak in the tunnel Davies said, “While it’s very unlikely I can’t say today, for certain, that some access might be required at some point in the future. I think what I can say though is we’re very comfortable that it’s highly unlikely.”