Another grocery option possibly on the horizon for Calgary’s downtown dwellers

FILE - Calgary Co-op’s goal would be to appeal to customers who might shop as often as every day to buy goods. Boston Globe/Getty Images

The race might be on to see who can open the first new grocery store in Calgary’s developing downtown eastside.

A spokesperson for Calgary Co-op — which already owns one store in the Beltline — said Tuesday, the company is in the market for a second, smaller-format location in the downtown.

“We’re negotiating right now on some spots,” said Tony Argento, director of real estate and development for Calgary Co-op. “We intend to have another presence in the downtown core other than our Midtown store.”

Construction of a Loblaws store is already underway in the new “5th & Third” shopping complex near the East Village. That project will utilize the Ontario-based company’s “CityMarket” format.

A website for the development shows the store will be an 82,000-square-foot store designed to appeal to urban tastes.

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According to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, the store is slated for a 2019 opening.

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Argento couldn’t confirm whether Calgary Co-op was looking at setting up shop in the East Village, or whether his company might beat Loblaws in opening their doors.

“We’re looking at a couple of spots and there is maybe a possibility,” Argento said.

Argento said Calgary Co-op’s goal would be to appeal to customers who might shop as often as every day to buy goods.

“In a downtown situation, more urban, you’ve got a bit more limited storage space in the condominiums and places where people live,” Argento said.

“So, we have to look at adapting our model to suiting different communities.”

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