Saskatoon Transit rolls out 15 new buses

Part of Saskatoon Transit’s fleet renewal strategy is to find cost savings while improving rider experience. @stoontransit / Twitter

Fifteen new buses rolled out in the city on Tuesday as part of Saskatoon Transit’s fleet renewal.

Officials said buying the new buses instead of 10-year-old buses saves approximately $40,000 per year, per bus, due to increased fuel efficiency and lower operating costs.

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“The focus of our fleet renewal strategy is to improve rider experience while decreasing operating costs,” said Saskatoon Transit director Jim McDonald in a statement.

Transit said fleet upgrades over the past five years has saved the city approximately $165,000 per year in fuel costs, based on current prices.

The new 12 metre buses are fully accessible, which is part of transit’s strategy to have every bus in its fleet full accessible by the end of this year, along with automated passenger counters and the latest in intelligent transportation system technology.

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They also leave a smaller environmental footprint due to improved emissions, and are paint-free.

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Transit will also be taking delivery of eight nine metre buses this year – two which will be added to the Access Transit fleet and the others to the conventional fleets.

Saskatoon Transit said it plans on reducing the average bus age from 12 to seven years over the next 10 years, which officials said would reduce maintenance costs and fleet size.

Air conditioning and other improved amenities are also part of the strategy.

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