Rigaud council postpones decision on property tax increase

Rigaud council to revise property tax increases
WATCH: Dozens of Rigaud residents attended a special council meeting where suggested residential property tax hikes were supposed to be finalized. Matt Grillo reports.

Dozens of Rigaud residents flooded town hall on Monday night during a special council meeting.

At the meeting, the suggested residential property tax hikes were supposed to be finalized.

However, before the meeting, Rigaud’s council decided to postpone the decision to a later date.

The property tax hike was almost 10 per cent.

“I don’t know what will be cut or how much will be cut, but we have decided to review the entire process,” Rigaud Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. said. “We’re looking at everything. Turning everything upside down three, four times. We’re going back to the working table.”

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At the meeting, residents questioned the mayor about spending, with many of them upset about the suggested tax hike.

“One word comes to mind: outrageous, simply outrageous,” Alain Magnan, a Rigaud resident, said. “Four per cent, I think would be acceptable to most taxpayers.”

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The town says the spring floods cost them $300,000 and they lost $100,000 in revenue.

They’ve also had to pay for the construction of a new town hall and fire station.

In addition, their contributions to Vaudreuil-Soulanges also increased.

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However, resident William Bradley isn’t confident that Monday’s meeting did anything to improve the situation.

“Every time we have a meeting like this, the decision has already been taken,” Bradley said. “We’ve got no input at all.”