Edmonton Ice Castles opens to the excitement of visitors

Ice Castles is bringing its massive winter display to Edmonton this winter. Credit:

Hawrelak Park has been turned into a winter wonderland that’s fit for kings and queens.

The Edmonton Ice Castles officially opened Friday. The ice masterpiece had a late start due to weather, but things are now running smoothly.

“It’s been fantastic, everything has worked out perfectly. The temperatures have been just ideal, sold out crowds, so can’t ask for more,” Christian Denis, lead artist and site manager, said.

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Ice Castles has built castles across the United States since 2009 and is in Edmonton for a third year in a row.

It has partnered with the City of Edmonton and Silver Skate Festival to bring the winter attraction to Hawrelak Park.

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Denis said there have been additions to the event.

“Especially when it comes to the archways and dome rooms, we’ve got a lot of icicles overhead. Compared to last year it’s a lot more dynamic, so a lot of ‘wows’ in that sense,” Denis said.

“Like the fireplace behind us is made out of ice entirely, so they’re wondering how does it not melt?”

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Tony Dmyterko visited Ice Castles with his family on Saturday, and he left impressed.

“It’s definitely unique. There’s a cave that you look up and the blue from the ice makes the sky look purple,” Dymterko said. “I think it’s in one of the caves off to the side and it’s pretty cool.”

Six-year-old Maria was impressed and excited about everything the ice castle had to offer, particularly the slide: “I like the steps that go to the slide and the area where the slide is is so pretty.”

Edmonton was the first city north of the border to hold the event, but this winter Winnipeg has been added to the list of host cities.

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The castle will be open six days a week, closing on Tuesdays. For more information, visit their website.

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