Calgary schools suffer water damage amid winter weather warm-up

The exterior of the Calgary Board of Education building in downtown Calgary. Global News

Over a dozen schools throughout Calgary have suffered water damage as once frigidly cold winter weather warmed up this week.

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) confirms approximately 15 of its schools have suffered “isolated” damage, such as Dr. George Stanley school in Cranston, which had water issues on Thursday after a pipe burst.

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Students enrolled in the CBE are on winter break and all of the impacted facilities are empty.

“We are currently assessing damages but expect that our traditional calendar schools will be open on Monday to welcome students back from break,” a CBE spokesperson said in an email to Global News.

It’s unknown how many, if any, schools in the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD) have been impacted by the same issue.

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Why have there been so many burst pipes?

Last week, Calgary was plunged into a deep freeze that saw Environment Canada issue an extreme cold warning. The weather then took a turn and began shifting to daytime highs above zero.

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The move caused water that had frozen and split pipes in local businesses and homes to thaw, causing leaks and flooding.

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