Regina shoppers brave extreme cold for Boxing Day deals

Shoppers lined up early at Best Buy to nab a deal on big-ticket electronics. Colton Praill/Global News

“It’s Canada. It’s a little cold, but it’s almost like a tradition for us.”

It’s 5:40 in the morning. Environment Canada marks the temperature at minus 41 C with the windchill.

Outside Best Buy, more than two dozen people are lined up, waiting for the doors to open.

“My friend is here for [a] TV, I’m here for a PS4, and he’s here to buy a laptop,” explains one eager shopper.

Another noted, “I haven’t decided yet — either a new TV or a new laptop.”

They shuffled as they waited, desperately trying to stay warm. To their relief, the doors finally opened and they flooded inside.

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It was a similar story across the city as shoppers flocked to the Southland Mall.

“Just picking up some good deals on Boxing Day,” Jay Dufour enthused, both arms weighed down by a pair of large bags. “I picked up some new bedding and a new jacket.”

While there were plenty of deals to take advantage of, the malls were unusually quiet.

“That’s what I said when I pulled up,” Dufour said. “The parking lot isn’t as busy as it usually is.”

According to brand director Jeff Novak, there’s a reason for that.

“I think it’s lost a bit of its lustre,” he explained. “It’s definitely lost its place as the only really big retail day in Canada, but there’s still something quintessentially Canadian about Boxing Day.”

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Perhaps it’s that national spirit that drove some to the the malls right after Christmas — even if they weren’t shopping.

“We like to stay in shape over the winter,” smiled one mall-goer. “We’re here walking and avoiding the crowds — so far, so good.”

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Behind them, a mother and her two young daughters strolled from window to window.

“We’re just having fun at the mall!” exclaimed five-year-old Lizzie.

While online shopping might keep some buyers warm and cozy at home, for some, it’s clear there’s nothing like spending Boxing Day at the mall.

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