East Vancouver’s favourite crow is now a fashion icon

Fans of Canuck the Crow can now take East Vancouver's most famous bird with them wherever they go.
Fans of Canuck the Crow can now take East Vancouver's most famous bird with them wherever they go. Shawn Bergman

He’s worked at the PNE, battled head-to-head with Canada Post and even tried to steal evidence from a crime scene.

Now East Vancouver’s most famous bird is also a fashion icon, featured front and centre on new Canuck the Crow T-Shirts.

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If you don’t know the story of Canuck, he’s a human-habituated crow that lives in the city’s east end.

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Who is Canuck the crow? – May 25, 2016

The bird, who is recognizable by the red zip-tie he wears around his ankle, has been the subject of numerous news stories, and has a passion for snacking and stealing shiny items.

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While he’s been known to approach all sorts of people, Canuck has a special relationship with his best human “friend” Shawn Bergman — who’s also, apparently, now the bird’s fashion agent.

Bergman said he initially had one of the T-shirts printed just for himself, but was soon slammed with inquiries.

“There was such a demand for Canuck T-shirts that I figured it was about time to get them into people’s hands,” Bergman said.

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“I printed out over 200 to start with, and I’ve sold a really good portion of that.”

The shirt features a stylized illustration of Canuck in profile, with the phrase “Canuck the Crow and I” underneath. It was designed by Madison Tuff, a Canadian Canuck the Crow fan living in San Francisco, Bergman said.

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Bergman said he’d like to eventually set up an online store for the Canuck merch, but for now — since he’s running a one-man operation — he’s doing business through Canuck’s Facebook page.

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“Canuck isn’t offering much help, so it’s just me on my own here,” Bergman said.

The shirts sell for $30, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Night Owl Bird Hospital, where Canuck recovered after he was attacked earlier this year.

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