Canuck the crow investigates Vancouver crime scene

Who is Canuck the crow?
WATCH: Canuck the crow has been making headlines around the world this week. But what makes this Vancouver bird so special?

It was an odd, but light-hearted encounter at a tense crime scene.

On Tuesday, Vancouver Police shot a man during a confrontation at a McDonald’s parking lot near Hastings and Cassiar Streets in East Vancouver.

The man was rushed to hospital and the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) stepped in to determine what happened.

The scene was cordoned off and people were kept out of the area while investigators gathered evidence.

But that did not deter “Canuck” the crow.

The crow has been the subject of several news stories since he started hanging around people in East Vancouver, looking for food and trying to take shiny items.

Back in January, he was spotted riding the SkyTrain.

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While reporters waited at the crime scene, Canuck grappled with crime scene tape, picked at items in the parking lot and sat on top of a police truck until an officer waved him away.

WATCH: Canuck joins police and media at the scene of a police incident in East Vancouver
Raw video: Canuck the crow invades police scene
Raw video: Canuck the crow invades police scene

The media did not escape his attention.

He stationed himself on top of a TV news camera, picked away at some gear and hung out with reporters, keeping an eye on them, as they worked on the story.