Top 5 parenting trends to expect in 2018

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Life coach and parenting expert Erica Diamond joins Global's Laura Casella to talk about the parenting trends that we expect to see in 2018 – Dec 13, 2017

From location tracking to social media accounts for your baby-to-be, here are the top five parenting trends you can expect to see in 2018, according to life coach and Global News parenting expert Erica Diamond.

1. Paid paternity leave

While paid paternity leave is nothing new in Quebec, south of the border is a different story.

But Diamond said that with companies like Google and Facebook stepping up, things are beginning to change.

“Facebook is offering 17 weeks paid paternity leave so this is really, in my opinion, a great trend,” she said.

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The shift is allowing dads to take on greater roles at home and could lead to more parity between the sexes both at home and in the workplace.

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“I am so happy and thrilled about this,” Diamond said. “An increased role of dads taking on domesticated positions at home and really equaling those moms everywhere; in the workforce, in the kitchen, at home — and changing the dynamics.”

2. Does your baby have a social media account?

For some parents, building a social media presence for their kids can’t start soon enough.

A new trend has some parents creating accounts for their unborn children, according to Diamond.

“Parents are obsessing over their own kids having their own Twitter handles, Instagram account names ” Diamond said.

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Babies with their own social media accounts – Jan 29, 2016

And to ensure their child gets their own handle, Diamond predicts you’ll be seeing some unusual ways to spell common names.

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“Jackson could be Jaxon, so Jaxon Royal will have his own Instagram name in the womb,” Diamond said.

And when the baby is born, you guessed it — the announcement will be sent from baby’s own email account.

For Diamond, the trend is about parents making sure kids can carry on their name once the parent stops taking over the account.

3. Teaching consent and assertiveness

Sexual assault has been brought to the forefront in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the subsequent #Metoo campaign.

Diamond hopes to see a shift away from “celebrating boys locker room talk,” to an emphasis on teaching boys about consent.

“With this, as mindful parents, we will see an increase in teaching boys about consent, about no, and respecting girls’ boundaries as early as two years old,” she said.

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But teaching consent to boys isn’t enough. You also have to teach girls to be assertive.

“So if little Johnny wants to hug little Becka, really to understand boundaries and teaching girls about assertiveness and how to be assertive and to put their foot down and to speak up.”

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4. Location tracking

Are you ready for next-level helicopter parenting? According to Diamond, the latest fad involves GPS trackers for your kids.

The devices are often sold as wearables.

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Diamond said her best friend’s son wears a Gizmo watch.

“You can phone three people from his watch, he can send a text, and she can track his location,” Diamond said.

While some may be concerned about overstepping boundaries and invading their children’s privacy, Diamond argued it was more about keeping your kids safe.

“I have a location tracker on my teen son for security,” she said. “I check it when he’s out. Not with his friends, but if he’s in a strange place and I want to make sure that he gets there safely.”

5. Royal baby names

With Princess Kate due in April and the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, there’s bound to be a resurgence in royal baby names.

“Some will actually copy her birth name in April,” Diamond said, while others are more likely to opt for more traditional names like Andrew, William, Kate and Victoria.

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Are you thinking of giving your baby a royal name?

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