Vandalism spree hits more than 50 Calgary cabs

Calgary cabbies rocked by vandalism spree
WATCH: Side windows were smashed in at least 51 cabs over the past few nights in Calgary. Drivers are suffering because they cannot put their vehicles on the road if they need repairs. As Gary Bobrovitz reports, police are investigating.

More than 50 Calgary cabs were systematically vandalized over the past few nights in the city and drivers are paying the price.

“It means losing money and I cannot work today,” Checker cab driver Salim Ahmed told Global News. “I have family behind me to support.”

”So it kind of sucks … it’s Christmas time.”

Checker Cabs confirms 31 of its vehicles had side windows smashed, including five targeted on Wednesday night.

More than 50 Calgary cabs have been vandalized this week.
More than 50 Calgary cabs have been vandalized this week. Global News

Checker does not suspect the culprit is a former disgruntled employee.

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“No, I don’t believe it is, because we have been hit, as well as my counterpart at Associated Cabs — they have had approximately 20 cars hit,” Checker Transportation Group president Kurt Enders said.

Associated Cabs confirms that number and the company called the smashing spree a senseless crime.

“This is just a vandal, somebody looking for coins … desperate,” Associated Cabs owner Roger Richard told Global News. “Who knows what the real reason is? But it’s hurting a lot of people.”

So many side windows were damaged that repair crews at Checker say they ran out of replacements.

They are now sourcing new side windows in British Columbia.

Calgary police are reviewing CCTV video as part of the investigation.