Airbnb’s 2017 most-travelled list includes Edmonton family

Click to play video: 'Edmonton family is one of Airbnb’s most-travelled in 2017'
Edmonton family is one of Airbnb’s most-travelled in 2017
WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton family has been named one of Airbnb's most travelled. So far this year, they've stayed in 43 vacation rentals. Emily Mertz has the details – Nov 23, 2017

Airbnb gathered data on the accounts that booked the most unique trips in 2017 and an Edmonton family is one of the most-travelled.

Jacqueline Comer, Scott Carter and their five-year-old daughter Ruby have already booked 43 short-term rentals using the platform.

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They’re in the middle of a year-long “workaway.” They left Edmonton on May 15.

“So far we know we’ve done 23 countries, so that’s quite a few,” Jacqueline told Global News from their Airbnb rental in Barcelona. “I think we’ll have two more Malaysia and New Zealand and then we’ll see what happens.

“The plan was to be in Europe for half the year and then New Zealand for half the year. So our Europe half-year is nearly over and we’ll endeavour to the other side of the world soon.”

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They like to use Airbnb because it provides them more options and is easier than hotels, especially when travelling with a child.

“We can still have a home-like routine,” Jacqueline said. “We have breakfast together, we can self-cater, bedtime is normal.”

Jacqueline Comer, Scott Carter and daughter Ruby are travelling Europe and New Zealand using Airbnb this year.
Jacqueline Comer, Scott Carter and daughter Ruby are travelling Europe and New Zealand using Airbnb this year. Courtesy: Instagram/@world_to_scale

They also find using short-term holiday rentals offers more authentic travel experiences.

“The place we actually stayed at the night before hitting Guarana Fjord was pretty cool,” Scott said. “It was just kind of a cabin on a sheep farm up in the middle of nowhere in Norway so that was a really cool spot.”

“That one place in Slovakia that we stayed in… was just sort of the back garage attached to this house basically in the middle of nowhere. I think there was just a tiny little village. The host was so lovely,” Jacqueline added.

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“This really lovely woman — her daughter I think put the place on Airbnb — she didn’t really speak any English and we don’t speak Slovakian so [there was] lots of arm waving and stuff but she was just great.

“It kind of just makes the place, makes you feel at home,” she said. “Those little home comforts and someone who’s actually caring about your well being just makes everything better and easier.”

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While Jacqueline, Scott and Ruby have certainly used Airbnb a lot, they’re not the most-travelled family.

The company says a family from Korea has the most stays at 79.

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