Guido Amsel filed complaint with RCMP about money missing from his business: court

Guido Amsel seen at the Public Safety Building in 2015. Manitoba Court

It was the site of an extensive police search in 2015 after accused letter bomber Guido Amsel was arrested. Now crown attorneys are using Amsel’s auto body shop in their case to establish a possible motive.

Amsel is currently on trial for five counts of attempted murder.

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Amsel met with officers from the RCMP’s commercial crimes unit in 2011 to file a complaint about money he said was missing from his business, court heard Thursday.

Sgt. Dan Bresciani, a 30 year member of the force, testified he met with the accused back in August 2011, after Amsel sent an email to the RCMP.

“He explained to us he owned the business Euro-Tech Autobody,” Bresciani told court. “He said there were unreported sales in the amount of $4 million.”

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The officer said Amsel informed them that his ex-wife, Iris, was the company’s longtime book keeper, even after the two divorced. He said Amsel believed money was being transferred from the business to accounts in Germany and believed his ex-wife and her parents were behind it.

“He said these people needed to go to jail. He wanted them to go to jail,” Bresciani testified.

Bresciani was provided a binder of information regarding the company’s books that had been done by an accounting firm for Amsel.

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After reviewing the documents Bresciani contacted Amsel in mid-September to let him know RCMP would not be moving forward with criminal charges.

“The concern that I had was there was no forensic audit,” Bresciani testified. “I didn’t feel there was any evidence. At best he might have a case under civil prosecution.”

Bresciani testified he suggested Amsel proceed with the matter in civil court.

While being cross-examined by defence lawyer Saheel Zaman, Bresciani said a forensic audit could have made a difference and changed his mind about moving forward with criminal charges.

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Bresciani said shortly after he told Amsel they would not be moving forward, the accused filed a public complaint against him.

Amsel alleged Bresciani showed a neglect of duty and improper attitude during the handling of the case.

The two eventually resolved the issue.

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