Drone camera captures epic duel between moose, wolf in northern Ontario

Dan Nystedt / YouTube

A Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. man captured this riveting confrontation between a moose and a wolf in a lake in northern Ontario, in glorious 4K resolution.

Dan Nystedt was using a DJI Phantom Pro 4 drone to shoot scenes of the pristine wilderness when he came upon a moose wading in ankle-deep water near the lake’s shore.

He moved the drone in for a closer look at the majestic animal, before maneuvering it up to the skies again. At this point, a wolf suddenly charges out of the bushes and towards the moose.

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The moose initially defends itself by kicking out with its gigantic front legs, but the wolf eventually manages to use its powerful jaws to clasp onto the moose’s leg. After a minute of frantically circling the water, the moose shakes off its assailant.

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The wolf then tracks the moose from a distance for several seconds before giving up the pursuit.

The drone then cuts to a scene of two wolves running down a nearby railway track; it’s not clear if either of the animals was the one that attacked the moose.

The video was widely viewed on Twitter after being retweeted by comedian, podcaster and outdoors enthusiast Joe Rogan.