3 protection orders denied against Winnipeg firefighter charged with sexual assault

Global News confirmed this undated photo is of Manuel Vladimir Ruiz.

Court documents show a Winnipeg firefighter and jujitsu instructor charged with sexual assault on Friday was the subject of three protection orders.

The documents show all three protection orders against Manuel Ruiz were later denied.

In a protection order filed in March 2010, the applicant said she received ‘harassing phone calls.’

“I’m terrified. I’m scared he’ll hurt my new fiance, that he’ll destroy our property or possibly go after my sister for revenge,” said the applicant in the protection order.

This is just one applicant of three protection orders that were filed against Ruiz.

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Another two from March 2006 and July 2001 were also denied. The reasons for the denied protection orders were not explained.

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“He has guns and knives. I’ve seen them,” said the 2010 applicant.

On Friday, the 52-year-old was arrested in connection to a number of historic and current sexual assaults against two youths and an adult.

The alleged assaults date back to 2001, with the most recent in 2015.

Constable Tammy Skrabek with Winnipeg police said following the release of his arrest and charges Monday, over a dozen calls have come in.

“We’re getting phone calls from possible witnesses, possible victims, as well as some concerned parents that know their children have had contact in the past,” Skrabek said.

She said over the years he’s worked with at risk youth in Winnipeg’s core area and worked with northern communities to teach youth martial arts.

“He’s had over the years a lot of contact with a lot of different agencies, a lot of different youth, a lot of different environments,” Skrabek said.

Police have already indicated ‘there is a potential for more victims.’

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