Davis Cup fans left ‘high and dry’ with early closure of Northlands Coliseum concessions

Davis Cup fans were left frustrated when concessions at Northlands Coliseum were closed about two hours before the end of the final match, Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. Global News

A mix-up at the Davis Cup on Friday night caused disappointment for fans, when Northlands Coliseum concessions closed well before the final match was over.

The snack and drink bar closed around 9 p.m., despite the final match continuing until 11 p.m.

Northlands said the decision was based on “information provided at the time,” after Tennis Canada told them the match would be over before 9 p.m.

Fans were left wondering how that could happen.

“A little bit disappointed that it’s gone to a fifth set and the concessions are obviously closed and everyone here is thirsty. It’s hot in here,” Davis Cup fan Derek said.

“This is absolutely ridiculous. There’s nothing — you can’t even buy water,” Davis Cup fan Gloria said.

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“There’s no way they should have closed already. We’ve got yet another six, seven sets to go of the match and people still have nothing to drink.”

Northlands and Tennis Canada have apologized for the error.

Northlands said concessions would remain open on Saturday until the matches have ended.

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