Gone in 60 seconds: Alberta man shares video showing just how fast thieves can make off with your vehicle

Click to play video 'Video of Wetaskiwin truck theft' Video of Wetaskiwin truck theft
WATCH ABOVE: After thieves took off in his Ford F-250 truck, a Wetaskiwin man shared video of the incident as a warning for other truck owners. Quinn Ohler reports – Aug 1, 2017

Update: The family contacted Global News to say the stolen vehicle was located by the RCMP.

A Wetaskiwin, Alta. resident has shared video of thieves making off with his truck to show just how quickly vehicles can be taken.

In the video, you can see a truck – which police now say was also stolen – pull into the back alley behind Ken Ross’ house and stop. A man gets out, pulls tools out of the box of the truck and starts working on the lock of the 2000 Ford F-250.

“I want people to see just how fast their early model Ford (Super) Dutys can be stolen in the blink of an eye,” Ross said.

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Ross timed the thieves. From the moment the thief makes his way to the driver’s side door to when the truck takes off is just 58 seconds.

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“I was surprised on how fast it was,” Ross told Global News. “I never would have believed it until my security cameras got them.”

Just as the thief was working to start the car, the video shows Ross’ daughter-in-law – Diamond Newman – running to the driver’s side door. When she reaches it, the truck takes off and she steps in front of it and tries to stop the crime from happening.

“I didn’t really think within that matter of time,” Newman said. “I just decided… I need to do something to try and stop it because he’s not going to take something from us.”

The pair understands just how dangerous Newman’s actions were and add no property is worth your life.”We have a family member in the U of A Hospital in critical condition from a similar incident,” said Ross, adding a 17-year-old has now been charged in that case. “His vehicle was stolen [and] he was tossed out and run over by the back tire.”

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The RCMP would not comment specifically on this case but said in general, if you catch someone stealing your property, call the police.

“We just ask them to not get involved, not engage, not interact with suspects,” Cpl. Laurel Scott said. “While we recognize that you want your property, we want you to be safe and suspects are unpredictable.”

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Scott added there are things you can do to deter thieves like using anti-theft devices, locking your doors and ensuring you don’t leave valuables inside. However, she noted nothing is 100 per cent effective.

“No matter what you do, vehicles get stolen,” Scott said.

She added that surveillance videos – like the one provided by Ross – do, in general, help officers in their investigation.

The vehicle being driven by the thieves at the beginning of the video has been recovered in Sylvan Lake, but Ross’ vehicle is still missing.

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Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada