Peterborough startup releases first Canadian-rules football game on Xbox One and PC

Click to play video: 'Canadian Football 2017 game launches in Peterborough' Canadian Football 2017 game launches in Peterborough
Innovation Cluster worked with Canuck play to launch their first game. The Peterborough startup company has been working on this game for over 18 months – Jul 25, 2017

Canuck Play launched Canadian Football 2017 on Xbox One and PC at the Retro’s eSports Bar in Peterborough on Tuesday.

Canuck Play is a new video game studio in Peterborough. The company worked on the creation of this game for over 18 months.

President David Winter and vice-president Sheryl Loucks combined their gaming backgrounds and administration skills to make Canuck Play a reality and create the only game on a major console that plays Canadian football.

“We have all the rules that are unique to Canadian football. We’re playing with the three downs, were playing with the twelve men, we’re playing with the rouge and we’re playing in cities that people will recognize,” said Winter.

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With the process called motion capture, the movement of the players is almost exact to human movement.

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“Canuck Play, early on, invested in a motion capture system that allows us to record human beings doing real things, and take that data and import it directly into the tools that we use,” Winter said. “So as a player for example, he’s doing the post-play emotions well we can bring a human being into the facility at the cube, set them up in the outfit that records their motions and have that human being record a bunch of emotions of dejection and elation.”

Canuck Play worked with the Innovation Cluster in Peterborough to make their dream a reality. Innovation Cluster is an organization that connects startups with the resources they need to build a successful business.

“Our objective is for them to grow and be a large company and hopefully employ others in the region,” said CEO of Innovation Cluster, Michael Skinner.

The game is available for purchase starting midnight on Tuesday, July 25. You can purchase it off Xbox live by searching Canadian Football. Starting Wednesday, July 26 at noon the game can be purchased on Stream or on

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