Alberta RCMP explain what ‘shatter’ is after series of drug-related arrests

"Shatter" is made by extracting resin from cannabis marijuana.
"Shatter" is made by extracting resin from cannabis marijuana. Courtesy/Nova Scotia RCMP

Two men have been arrested and charged with drug-related offences after a search warrant in St. Albert uncovered 49 grams of “shatter” and over 100 grams of cannabis marijuana.

RCMP said officers completed a search of a home on Fleetwood Crescent on April 21 as part of an “extensive drug investigation.”

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Dylan Gendron, 20, was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. He is set to appear in St. Albert Provincial Court on July 17.

The second person was charged with simple possession of a controlled substance. He has already entered a guilty plea and received a $350 fine. RCMP said his name is not being released under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

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St. Albert RCMP described “shatter” as a “highly potent marijuana derivative that has arrived on the drug scene in the last three to four years.” They explained the substance looks like toffee and is a concentrated form of marijuana. It’s commonly used for “dabbing,” when people inhale vapours while it’s heated up.

“To understand the difference between marijuana in a ‘joint’ and marijuana made into shatter, one needs to look at the concentration levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly called THC,” RCMP said in a news release Thursday.

“THC is the principal psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. Marijuana generally has a THC level close to 12 or 15 per cent. Shatter, however, has THC levels that can exceed 80 to 90 per cent.”

For more information on the health risks associated with shatter and marijuana, RCMP suggested visiting the Health Canada website. They said risks include impaired coordination, decision-making and the ability to drive.

“As shatter is so highly concentrated, it is important that residents recognize it and be educated about its risks so everyone can be a part of keeping our community safe.”

Health Canada says shatter, budder, wax, honeycomb and rosin are often the strongest cannabis products. Many are made from butane hash oil (BHO) using different processes while others, like rosin, are made without solvents.

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Two Calgarians were arrested and charged earlier this week after a traffic stop in southern Alberta.

RCMP said police seized 18 grams of shatter, 298 grams of marijuana, 4.4 grams of cocaine, as well as significant amounts of acid, MDMA and $2,980 in cash.

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In a separate investigation in Red Deer, police arrested and charged two people and seized “significant amounts of drugs.”

More than 330 grams of cocaine and 31 grams of shatter were part of that seizure, according to the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.