Rare sighting of a lynx in Edmonton’s west end

A rare sighting of a lynx in a west end Edmonton neighbourhood on Tuesday July 11, 2017. mishthefish76 / Twitter

A normally shy feline spotted in Edmonton’s west end is on its way to a more appropriate environment.

Reddit-user “em5omd” first uploaded a picture Monday of a lynx spotted in the Glenora neighbourhood.

Then on Tuesday afternoon, what is believed to be the same lynx was spotted and peace officers aided Alberta Fish and Wildlife in capturing the animal.

They responded to the area of 161 Street and 122 Avenue near the Yellowhead Trail.


Officers said when they arrived on scene, the lynx was just sitting there but it was definitely acting strangely.

They believe it could have been sick and lost or even dehydrated.Once captured, Fish and Wildlife officers took the feline to WILDNorth, a wildlife rehabilitation organization.READ MORE: Lynx leaps through trees to chase squirrel near Drayton ValleyWatch below: A lynx jumps through trees to chase squirrel near Drayton Valley, Alta. in a video from March 2017.
Click to play video: 'Lynx leaps through trees to chase squirrel near Drayton Valley'
Lynx leaps through trees to chase squirrel near Drayton Valley
As for why the wildcat was in the city, peace officer Shawn Beskowiney said it was possibly a hitchhiking kitty.“[It’s] very possible it could’ve caught a ride in one of the transport services at the yard where it’s at… just like a house cat climbing up under the ol’ truck at the farm. That’s possibly what happened.”Although lynx sightings are rare because they’re so shy, Beskowiney said it’s not unusual to see wildlife in and around Edmonton because it’s the largest urban park in North America.
“We do have vast, vast tracts of wild natural area, and because of that, it is a very popular corridor for wildlife. So we do see great variability in wildlife coming through, and lynx is one of the species that’s native to Alberta.”
Beskowiney said he wanted to assure the public that lynx pose no threat to humans and very little threat to pets.But if you ever do see any kind of wildlife in the city, it’s best to not interfere with it and give it the space it deserves.“In the case of wildlife that could technically hurt you if you got too close, definitely stay away,” Beskowiney said. “Don’t interact with it in any way. If you have pets, put them on a leash immediately and leave the area. That’s gonna be the best solution.”Watch below: In March 2015, YouTube user ‘bethannc83’ claimed she departed her salon and found a lynx casually sitting outside the building.He said if people see wildlife in the city, they should call the proper authorities once they are a safe distance away.He said wildlife sightings in Edmonton are a regular occurrence and people shouldn’t be fearful of them but rather thankful that they get to see them.

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