Canadian charged in U.S. terrorist attack, how will Trump react?

Canadian charged in U.S. terrorist attack, how will Trump react? - image

A retired police lieutenant, now airport officer, has been stabbed in the neck in a terrorist attack at a Flint Mich. airport.

The person in custody charged with terrorism offenses is a 50-year-old Canadian living with his family in Montreal.

Amor Ftouhi exited a washroom, where he dropped his bags, came out with a knife and yelled, “Allah is greater” in Arabic before stabbing the officer in the neck.

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By sheer luck, the officer will recover.

Soon after, the RCMP raided the attacker’s family home in Montreal in co-operation with the FBI who is leading the investigation.

They feel it is an isolated incident and not part of a greater plan.

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We have seen after the attack at a London mosque terrorism comes in every shape, size, colour, race and religion.

Canada welcomes all, but you know this will be fodder for those who think we are too politically correct when it comes to people’s ideology.

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Proving we have still not found the balance between religious freedom and national security.

Many feared the day this may happen, when someone enters the U.S. from Canada and commits such a crime.

How long before Donald Trump’s version of the war on terror affects us here in Canada?

We are about to find out.

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