Seth Rogen, Stephen Colbert troll Donald Trump Jr. with Twitter direct messages

WATCH: Seth Rogen describes his Twitter 'friendship' with Donald Trump Jr.

On Monday’s epsiode of The Late ShowSeth Rogen and Stephen Colbert both sent direct messages to Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter.

The Late Show host and Rogen bonded over the fact that U.S. President Donald Trump’s son follows both of them on Twitter.

“Let’s talk about social media for a second,” Colbert said, “because you have a fairly major presence on social media and you have made friends with somebody on social media that surprised me.”

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“What’s amazing about social media is if someone follows you on Twitter and you follow them, you can communicate directly with them through direct messaging,” the Canadian-American actor explained. “If you’re both on Twitter and you follow each other, you can open up a private conversation, as it were, and I found out that Donald Trump Jr. followed me.”

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Rogen continued: “I then followed him to try and open a line of communication with the son of the president of the United States, which is a pretty cool thing to do.”

The Pineapple Express actor first attempted to reach out to Trump Jr. in February, tweeting at him directly in his main feed.

WATCH BELOW: Seth Rogen reaches out to Donald Trump Jr. about his father’s presidency

Seth Rogen reaches out to Donald Trump Jr. about his father’s presidency
Seth Rogen reaches out to Donald Trump Jr. about his father’s presidency

“Yo! @DonaldJTrumpJr! I noticed you follow me on Twitter. Please ask your dad to resign before he destroys the planet. Thanks dude,” Rogen tweeted, before sending a direct message.

“He iced me on that one, which was shocking, again, I tried to be polite,” Rogen told Colbert, before explaining how he sent Trump Jr. a direct message instead.

“Hey man! It’s Seth.” The direct message read. “Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment.”

Rogen also asked Trump Jr. to ask if his father would “go back to being just a guy on TV.”

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“Nothing. No response whatsoever,” Rogen said to Colbert.

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Colbert revealed that Trump Jr. also follows him on Twitter. The two decided to “double team his ass” and send him two more direct messages while on set.

Colbert sent the first message which read, “Sup? Hanging with @SethRogen. Why don’t you return his DMs? How about we all chill together and burn one. Don’t tell @HeyJamesFranco.”

Before Rogen sent another direct message to Trump Jr., he revealed that he actually sent a third message “late one night,” where he sounded like he was “creeping on him like someone who’s blocking me on Tinder.”

Rogen’s third message started with, “Hey man, don’t mean to come across like a weirdo or anything …”

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Rogen ended up sending another message while sitting beside Colbert.

“Yo dude checking in. Seeing what’s up. I think you see these. If not @StephenAtHome was gonna help me get your attention. Hope you’re good. Maybe ask your dad to resign? Thanks man! Peace,” Rogen’s most recent message to Trump Jr. read.

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Trump Jr. has yet to reply to any of the direct messages or tweets but Rogen is hopeful. “If that doesn’t work what will?” he said to Colbert.

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Rogen, who was born in Vancouver, went on to talk about how “sexy” Canada’s looking these days. He said he hasn’t been tempted to go back to Canada, as many Trump supporters often suggest he should.

“But right now, Canada’s looking pretty sexy,” he told Colbert.

Watch Rogen and Colbert troll Trump Jr. in the clip above.

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