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9 of the best viral dad moments in honour of Father’s Day

(L-R) NBA star Steph Curry with daughter Riley, Robert Kelly and daughter during live BBC News interview.

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Just in time for this Father’s Day, Global News brings you some of the best viral dad videos and posts of all time.

From NBA star Steph Curry bringing his daughter Riley to the post-game interviews to a dad attempting to cut his baby’s finger nails, dads do a lot of things to make us laugh and simply smile.

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In honour of Father’s Day, here, in no particular order, are nine of the best viral dad moments.

1. Dad pretends to pee his pants to make his daughter feel better

In April, Ben Sowards’ six-year-old daughter, Valerie, peed her pants at school. Her dad splashed some water on the front of his own pants and headed to the school to pick her up.

“I walked into the school…I walked up next to Valerie, who was sitting, looking down at the floor, and I put my arm around her and I said, ‘Valerie, can I have your backpack? I need to cover up this accident,” Sowards told TODAY in a video interview. “And she just looked at me with the perfect look — just disbelief — and we started laughing.”

One of Sowards other daughters, named Lucinda, tweeted photos of Valerie and her dad. The tweet has been shared almost 65,000 times and has been liked by more than 250,000 people.

2. Professor Robert Kelly’s live TV interview featuring his children

Millions of people have seen the viral video by now: Professor Robert Kelly was giving a live TV interview in March on South Korean politics when his children barged into the room and stole the show.

He forgot to lock his office door before a Skype call from the BBC, resulting in his kids’ unwanted entry.

Kelly, his wife Kim Jung-A and their two children sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal since the video went viral.

“It was funny,” Kelly admitted about the whole scenario.

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He continued: “If you watch the tape I was sort of struggling to keep my own laughs down. They’re little kids and that’s how things are.”

“He usually locks the door,” his wife Kim said to the Wall Street Journal. “Most of the time they come back to me after they find the locked door. But they didn’t. And then I saw the door was open. It was chaos for me.”

3. Dad gives daughter a pep talk

In a viral video, Ron Alston stands with his three-year-old daughter Aliya in front of a mirror. They recite a mantra of positive phrases together.

The video shows Alston, a personal trainer and wellness coach, asking his daughter to repeat some powerful statements while looking at herself in the mirror.

“I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful. I am not better than anyone,” Aliya repeats after her dad in the video.

4. Dad and daughter You’ve Got a Friend in Me duet

Dave Crosby and his daughter Claire posted a video on Facebook of them singing their own rendition of Randy Newman’s You’ve Got a Friend in Me.

After the duet, which was viewed more than 150-million times online, Claire and her dad were invited to appear on The Ellen Show, where they performed the song for a live audience.

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After taking the internet by storm, the four-year-old girl and her dad were invited back to The Ellen Show to sing another cover with a little help from the star of Disney’s Moana.

They went back on the show to sing a special duet with the Moana actress Auli’i Cravalho. This time Dave played the guitar as Claire and Cravalho sang How Far I’ll Go from the popular animated movie.

5. Daughter encourages her dad while he does her hair

Derrick Culpepper helps his daughter, Linda, with her hair before she goes to school.

Linda gives her dad many words of encouragement while the adorable interaction is captured on video.

He asks her how he is doing and she tells him “you’re doing great!” She gives him instructions on how to put her hair in pigtails. “You’re almost done. You’re doing a good job,” Linda tells her dad.

6. Baby pranks her dad when he cuts her nails

This baby is able to showcase her great sense of humour when her dad attempts to cut her nails.

The footage first appeared on Facebook after it was posted to the internet by the mother of the young girl, Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama.

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In the video, which has been viewed over 25-million times on Facebook, the little girl hopes to convince her dad that he has missed her nail and chopped her finger instead.

She lets out a little scream, which quickly turns into a giggle after her dad jumps backwards in fright before he joins in with the laughter.

7.  Dad does hilarious voiceover for beauty vlogging daughter

YouTuber Megan —or Meggs and Bacon, as her channel is called — has her dad join the “dad voiceover challenge,” where he narrates one of her beauty tutorials.

Megan’s YouTube channel features many posts including makeup tutorials and cooking and baking videos where she is usually the only featured voice.

Her dad explains that her ELF brand primer is “made from the sweat of elves” and also explains what Too Face beauty products do, saying “If you don’t have enough face, this will give you a little bit more face.”

“This is a very expensive palette and I only use a couple of them, but don’t tell my dad because it’s kind of a waste,” he says about the shadows in a large eyeshadow palette.

8. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dresses up as Pikachu for his daughter

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson dressed up as Pikachu (his daughter’s favourite character) for Halloween and went on to perform the “JuJu” in the costume.

“By the time I dropped my 197th JuJu, the heat of this costume was kickin’ my ass.😂 But, hey.. that’s what daddy’s [sic] do,” Johnson captioned the video.

Johnson gave his daughter a special Easter surprise by dressing up as her favourite Pokémon again.

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Taking to Instagram, Johnson wrote: “The first time Jasmine’s favourite character, Pikachu came to visit her months ago she was only crawling. For Easter Sunday @laurenhashianoffical and I thought, Pikachu should make a special visit once again.”

“Well, Pikachu didn’t account for the fact that now Jazzy RUNS and for 2hrs straight she wants to play her new favorite game, ‘I run away and you chase me Pikachu. And you’re not allowed to take a break until I go night night.'”

At the end of the video you can hear Johnson’s daughter yell, “Peekyu.”

The first time Jasmine's favorite character, Pikachu came to visit her months ago she was only crawling. For Easter Sunday @laurenhashianofficial and I thought, Pikachu should make a special visit once again. Well, Pikachu didn't account for the fact that now Jazzy RUNS and for 2hrs straight she wants to play her new favorite game, "I run away and you chase me Pikachu. And you're not allowed to take a break until I go night night". At the end of the vid you can hear her yell, "Peekyu" because she can't say, Pikachu. I'm tired, today's my only day off, it's 118 degrees in this costume and Hobbs keep trying to p*ss on my leg. And I luv every minute of it. Bring it on. It's what daddy's do. Happy Easter to you guys and enjoy your families. #Rockachu #DaddyPuttinInWork #TheGameThatNeverEnds #PikachuLooksBloated

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9. Steph Curry’s daughter steals post-game interview

In 2015, then two-year-old Riley Curry stole the hearts of many basketball fans. Riley first made a splash when she appeared with her dad, Steph Curry, during a post-game interview on May 19, 2015.

She waved at reporters, hid under the table and even told her dad to “be quiet.”

During her second post-game press conference appearance, Riley used the microphone to showcase her singing ability with a line from Big Sean’s Blessings.

“Way up, I feel blessed,” Riley said, any chance she got a hold of the microphone.

During the same press conference, Riley was playing a game of peek-a-boo with her father while hiding behind the curtain.

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