It’s amazing what’s left behind after a NASCAR race…even a woman with a beer

Click to play video: 'It’s amazing what’s left behind after a NASCAR race…including a woman with a beer' It’s amazing what’s left behind after a NASCAR race…including a woman with a beer
WATCH ABOVE: A beer-carrying woman abandoned by her friends at the Charlotte Motor Speedway is shocking even the most-seasoned of race officials – Jun 1, 2017

You name it, they’ve found it.

Charlotte Motor Speedway officials are rarely surprised by what fans leave behind following the track’s annual NASCAR race.

Speedway spokesman Scott Cooper told The Charlotte Observer it’s common for keys, phones, furniture and grills to be turned into the track’s lost and found every year — but never a person.

“It’s not unusual for us to find people camping in tents that are still asleep after a late night of fun at the speedway,” Cooper said. “But it is unusual to find people who’ve been left behind.”

That’s what Jody Nash says happened to her after the race on May 28.

“Hey mom, I’m okay. I’m still here in Turn 2,” Nash told WBTV on May 29, while holding a beer. “They left me.”

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Nash says after a night of celebrating and partying following the race, she fell asleep. When she awoke, her friends had left without her.

“Thankfully, most family and friends take their family and friends with them when they go,” Copper said.

Luckily among all the waste, Nash found a tent and joked she could sleep there until her friends return.

“Will y’all come get me?” she pleaded.

It’s not the first time something living was forgotten at a NASCAR track.

Actor Dennis Quaid came to the rescue of a dog that was abandoned at Texas Motor Speedway in 2016.

As for Nash, WBTV reported that she was able to find a ride home shortly after the report was shot.

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