Brad Pitt answers Stephen Colbert’s ‘big questions’ on ‘Late Show’

Click to play video: 'Brad Pitt ponders life’s biggest questions with Stephen Colbert'
Brad Pitt ponders life’s biggest questions with Stephen Colbert
WATCH: Brad Pitt ponders life’s biggest questions with Stephen Colbert – May 17, 2017

Brad Pitt made a rare late night appearance on Tuesday’s Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

The Fight Club actor joined Colbert for his reoccurring segment “Big Questions with Even Bigger Stars,” where the two were lying in a grassy field, pretending to gaze up at the stars while they gave each other nicknames and asked each other thought-provoking questions.

“Do you think anyone can ever truly know themselves?” Colbert asked.

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“Doesn’t matter,” Pitt replied. “In the end, turns out we were all Edward Norton the whole time.”

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“Do you think beauty is really only skin deep?” Colbert asked Pitt.

“I don’t know … I’ve never taken my skin off,” Pitt responded.

“Hey Stevie-C, Do you think mathematics are the underlying structure of the universe, or did we just invent it?” Pitt asked the late-night host.

“Whoa. Blew my mind, Brad. I’m not sure if numbers are the underlying reality,” Colbert replied. “But one thing is absolutely true: You’re a solid eight.”

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Pitt tried to hold back his laughter and said, “You’re sweet, thanks, thanks.”

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The actor poked fun at some of his recent movies.

“Is it possible to describe infinity?” Colbert asked.

“Yes. Yes, it is,” Pitt replied. “It’s one less than the number of Ocean‘s sequels we’re going to make.”

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The sketch had Colbert calling Pitt names from “Bradley Trooper,” “Pitty-Pat,” “Brad to the bone,” and “Bradimir Pittin.”

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Pitt made his appearance to support War Machine, which premieres on Netflix on May 26.

Watch the video in the spot above.

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