KidSport in Calgary hit hard by thieves

KidSport in Calgary hit hard by thieves
WATCH: KidSport recycling containers have been broken into by thieves at 21 locations throughout Calgary. As Kris Laudien reports, thousands of dollars in bottles have been stolen, and the impact on kids is immeasurable.

A not-for-profit group that helps Calgary children take part in sports, no matter their family’s financial situation, has been hit hard by thieves in recent weeks.

KidSport has helped tens of thousands of kids over the years, but now their elementary school recycling program, which is their source of money, is being targeted.

“Whoever these individuals are that are breaking into the containers seem to find where the next one is, and now we are at 21 different schools where the containers have been broken into,” said KidSport Calgary executive director Kevin Webster.

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Damage to the containers has cost more than $20,000 to repair, and that doesn’t even take into account the lost funds from the recyclables inside.

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“It infuriates me to be honest with you, because they are stealing from kids,” program coordinator Gord Clayton said.

“It’s the children in the school that benefit from the containers, and KidSport benefits from the fundraising aspect, so they’re stealing from kids.”

Clayton is currently working with a welder to strengthen the containers, in hopes of keeping thieves out.

“We’re going to reinforce the door and put a cover over the hinges so thieves won’t have access to the hinges and the door won’t bend, because it will be reinforced with angle iron on the inside.”

Last year KidSport helped more than 43,000 kids participate in over 50 different sports.