The InstaList: Canada’s most remarkable dads on Instagram

Do you follow any of these Instagram dads? .

Let’s face it: a dad on Instagram is a rare specimen.

While our feeds are flooded with mawkishly sentimental mommy Instagram accounts capturing every step and sound of their kids, fathers are usually not so willing to share the most private parts of their lives and prefer to stay behind the scenes (or lens.) However, they exist, and their “dadstagrams” are a whole different story.

Without cute filters, they document life as it really is and quite often it’s hilarious. To celebrate Father’s Day, we’ve picked five of the most remarkable Canadian daddies on Instagram, whose perspective on parenting will leave you smiling.

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WHO: Ricky Shetty@tokyoricky

WHY: Ricky Shetty is a father of three and the man behind Daddy Blogger – a website highlighting the importance of dad roles in forming child identity and focusing on family travels. Before starting his blog in 2012, he always dreamed of settling down, having a family and living the “Canadian dream.” Five years later, looking at Shetty’s Instagram account that combines both his passion for travels and love for his family, it’s safe to say that his dreams have come true. Shetty openly shares his experience through several social media platforms and quiet often connects with other Canadian dads to chat about parenthood and ask for life lessons that he posts on his blog.

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WHO: Chris Read – @canadiandadblog

WHY: With his social media presence, this Ottawa-based dad proves that “fathers are not the bumbling idiots you see in movies, commercials and print ads.” Like many other dads out there, Chris Read makes food for his kids, does laundry and shows that men are “loving, committed and caring individuals who want to spend every waking minute with our children,” writes Read on his blog.  And that’s exactly what you see on his Instagram account – a caring dad that supports and encourages his two kids, from attending his son’s hockey classes to making rice crispy squares with his daughter. Everything’s peppered with a good portion of humour and sporadic selfies.

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WHO: BJ Barone – @bjbarone

WHY: Finding a dad on Instagram is no easy task, but coming across an outspoken gay daddy page is even harder. Toronto-based high school teachers BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson raise their son Milo, educate people on the importance of understanding surrogacy and with their own example prove that “Family is about love.” The day they met, both were wearing the same shoes and had the same dream – to become dads. In 2013 their dream finally came true when they met a woman who offered to carry their child.

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Their emotional story and the birth photo of Barone and Nelson holding their baby for the first time went viral around the world capturing headlines.

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WHO: Scott Thomson – @canadianfitdad

WHY: The author of Canadian Fit Dad, Scott Thomson is a personal trainer, Olympic lifting coach and sports coach, but the title he treasures the most is that of a dad. His Instagram account captures his incredible transformation as he went from more than 265 pounds down to 160 pounds before finally reaching his goal weight. On his blog, Thomson writes that the day he saw his son for the first time his life took on a new meaning. That transformation from “a former athlete, turned fat man, turned health enthusiast, and now turned dad,” is  one worth our attention.


WHO: Clive Felice – @dadswithattitude

WHY: Clive Felice is the most followed dad on our list. His Instagram Dads With Attitude has over 25,000 audience and counting. And there’s a reason for that: Felice creates hilariously accurate comedy miniatures about everyday parent lives and captures attention with his sparkling sense of humour. Felice started his account in 2014. A few month later, he created a robot for his son, printed it on a shirt and posted on Instagram. This was the beginning of a new chapter that helped Felice kick-start his own clothing brand that combines both the love for his kids and the humourous approach to life.

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