50 Winnipeg properties at risk of flooding

Aerial shots of flooding in Selkirk, Man.
WATCH: Aerial shots of flooding in Selkirk, Man., Thursday afternoon.

WINNIPEG — The city is readying tens of thousands of sandbags in preparation for a weekend flood crest along the Red River.

The possibility of ice jams along the Red River means roughly 50 properties can expect to receive notice their property is at risk of potential flooding.

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If Winnipeg sees open-water conditions the Red River will peak at 18.6 feet above normal winter ice levels at James Avenue.

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Ice jams, however, could lead to a Red River to peak at 20.8 feet  at James Avenue, which is considered a major flood and would require cautionary sandbagging. That level is similar to the crest of the 2011 spring flood.

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Red River overflow.
Red River overflow. Rudi Pawlychyn/Global News
Selkirk, Man.
Selkirk, Man. Rudi Pawlychyn/Global News

To put the numbers in perspective, in 2011 500 homes were deemed at risk and in need of sandbagging. So far this year, only a few dozen have been identified.

The city is preparing 75,000 sandbags ahead of the expected weekend crest.

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On Thursday morning, a number of residents along Cloutier Drive in the south end of the city started to receive flood risk notifications.

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The city expects to notify all at risk property owners by the end of the day.