Kijiji puppy scam linked to home where woman was found in barrel

Tara Garrett and her mother Colleen said the same person who was running a puppy scam on Kijiji was charged in connection to Jennifer Barrett's death. Shelden Rogers/Global News

WINNIPEG — Details about an ongoing puppy scam on Kijiji are revealing a link between the dogs for sale, and one of the women charged in Friday’s homicide arrests.

Winnipeg police have charged three people in relation to an ongoing investigation that recovered human remains decomposing in a barrel in Waverley Heights.

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A day after the arrests, people involved in a dog scam said one of the women charged was selling the puppies.

“When I was told, in regards to this murder, my stomach fell,” Tara Garrett said.

Garrett’s mother had put a $400 deposit down to purchase a pug puppy on Kijiji in late January. The two were dealing with two woman, one named Holley Sullivan, who was selling the dogs. On Friday, 28-year-old Sullivan was charged with accessory after the fact to murder in connection to 42-year-old Jennifer Barrett’s death.

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The Waverley Heights property where Jennifer Barrett lived. Global News

Garrett’s mother went to pick up the dog on January 31 at a discussed meeting location in the North End, but when she arrived no one was there.

“I thought ok, there’s just one home. There was a big dog barking,” Garrett’s mother Colleen said.

The two said they were told that Sullivan, and another woman had moved to a new home in St. Vital.

The same day, Garrett and her mother went to the St. Vital home, and searched outside the property, trying to find someone who was home.

“The fact of, could they have been in there, the other ladies, been in this place. Could something have happened to me?” Garret said.

After numerous attempts to contact Sullivan and her room mate, Garrett and her mother said they didn’t hear anything back regarding the puppies.

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They said they were told Sullivan and her room mate had moved to a new location again, where Barrett’s body was found.

So far Garrett said 27 other people have contacted her, complaining about the same scam.

“What happens when someone is banging on the door to get their money or the puppy and they got mad,” Garrett said.

Winnipeg Police said they are aware of the scam, and have contacted investigators to look into the situation.

Garrett said she has passed the information on to the Chief Veterinary Office, in hopes of finding the puppies involved.

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