WATCH: Pike caught frozen in ice while trying to eat a bass

Alex Babich / YouTube

In a rare sight for any fisherman, two brothers found a miraculous enactment of the food chain caught frozen in time.

Alex and Anton Babich were fishing at Wawasee Lake in northern Indiana when they found a pike eating a bass, frozen in ice.

The jaw-dropping scene – with the bass hanging halfway out the pike’s mouth – was caught on video and went viral online.

Alex told Global News he believes a fisherman caught the bass but it wasn’t big enough to keep. He released it, but the bass died and floated up under the ice when the ice was still thin.

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“Then the pike saw an easy meal, tried to eat it, but chocked and died,” Alex said.

After the pike died, it appears the temperatures fell and froze the ice to 12 inches thick.

Alex says he’s never seen anything like it, despite ice fishing all the time.

“The timing had to be perfect, and no snow to cover this up.”


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