Victoria General Hospital considers 24/7 visiting hours

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg hospital is considering scrapping limits on visiting hours in order to include families as part of the patient-care process.

The Victoria General Hospital on 2340 Pembina Hwy., may allow families 24/7 access to patients, according to the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI).

A November 2015 study by CFHI found that fewer than one in three Canadian hospitals had accommodating visiting policies, and even fewer offered 24/7 access to designated family members. “

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“Despite evidence clearly showing better care and health outcomes, family presence policies were more the exception than the norm in this country,” Maria Judd, senior director of the CFHI said.

“We’re encouraging Canadians to have conversations with their hospitals and healthcare organizations about whether they could identify a loved one to stay by their side around the clock if they so choose.

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According to CFHI, research into the benefits of family visitation shows: improved patient outcomes and experience of care; fewer medication errors and falls, better informed medical assessments and care planning; reduced lengths of stay; and readmissions and emergency department visits.