‘Unsecured’ beverage cart injures 3 during Air Canada flight’s Regina landing

Valerie Bradshaw, who was a passenger on an Air Canada flight on Oct. 31, said three people were injured after a drink cart slammed into their seats. Valerie Bradshaw / Twitter

Three Air Canada passengers were injured early Monday morning by a runaway beverage cart.

Passenger Valerie Bradshaw told Global News that she was one of three people injured on the Toronto to Regina flight after a latch on the drink cart failed, sending the cart crashing into their seats during landing.

Bradshaw said she was knocked out by the force of the drink cart and was told that another man broke his arm or wrist from the cart.

“I remember the tires of the plane, I remember them hitting the runway and I kind of recall that braking sound that came on,” Bradshaw said.

“But the next thing I knew it was, to me, the sound of an explosion and apparently I did get knocked out. I don’t recall.”

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Bradshaw said when she came around dizzy and disoriented, she heard the beverage trolley had hit the seats and when she turned, the cart was right behind her aisle seat.

“It had flown down the aisle, hitting the back of my seat and forcing me to fly into the seat ahead of me and I hit the TV monitor with my left side,” Bradshaw said.

“It was very powerful. I thought the plane had crashed.”

Bradshaw, who has worked with health and safety as an ISO 9001 project leader, said she was told by a flight attendant that the latch had failed.

“I was a little bit angry because I knew it was preventable. It just shouldn’t have happened,” Bradshaw said.

“But then a lot of other emotions and feelings start to kick in and I started getting the adrenaline shakes, uncontrollable and you can’t help but cry because it’s just so scary.”

According to Bradshaw, the other passengers and flight attendants were shocked over the incident.

She was taken to hospital to be looked over. On Monday afternoon, she said she felt nauseous, dizzy and had a sore jaw.

“I feel very fortunate because the consequences could have been much worse,” Bradshaw said.

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At this time, Bradshaw said she hadn’t heard from Air Canada to talk about how the drink cart came loose.

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Air Canada confirmed in a statement to Global News that at around 12:17 a.m. while Air Canada Flight AC119 was landing in Regina, a galley trolley rolled into the aisle and injured three passengers. The plane was carrying 97 people.

Air Canada said two of the passengers were taken to hospital to be treated. One of the passengers was treated and released while the other passenger was released Monday evening. The third passenger was released after being looked over by a paramedic.

The airline is investigating what caused the beverage cart to become loose and crash into the seats.

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