Bridgeland cycle track opens along Edmonton Trail

Bridgeland cycle track on Edmonton Trail N.E. Global News

Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell was among those on hand to greet people using Calgary’s newest cycle track on Monday.

The two-way Bridgeland cycle track connects the communities of Bridgeland and Crescent Heights to businesses, the Bow River Pathway and downtown core. It opened on Sept. 9.

Project co-ordinator Tom Thivener said the new track was needed to keep both cyclists and pedestrians safe.

“[Edmonton Trail] was not a safe way to get to the river path system from the communities.”
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New cycle track prompts parking changes

The construction of the cycle track has caused several changes to area parking.

On-street parking on 1 Avenue N.E. has been removed between 4 Street N.E. and Edmonton Trail to fit the mobility improvements.

In addition, parking restrictions on 17 spaces on 4 Avenue N.E. have been reduced.

Six off-peak parking spaces have been added on 4 Street N.E. and 10 have been added on Edmonton Trail N.E.

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