Wasps in full flight during August in Winnipeg, says bug expert

August is often when wasps are most noticeable in Manitoba. Adrian Cheung/Global News

WINNIPEG — You’ve likely been swatting them away while all summer while hanging out at the cabin or on a restaurant patio.

They’re about to get worse.

Bug experts and exterminators in Winnipeg are getting called to over a dozen wasp nest removals and infestations per day in August. Taz Stuart, an entomologist, said August is often when pest control and residents notice an influx in wasps.

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“Wasps are now notice the days are getting shorter, their food source is getting a little more rare,” Stuart explained. The entomologist said the black-and-yellow pests are especially attracted to sugar and protein-rich foods.

“When you’re in you’re backyard, having that sugary drink or nice hamburger or steak – they go ‘hey, that’s high in carbohydrates and sugar’, they’re going to go to you versus the flower.”

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Entomologists recommend using traps and insecticide sprays. Adrian Cheung/Global News

Exterminators said they’ve also experienced a number of myths and misconceptions of how best to handle wasps. Among the most common mistakes is using a spray foam on cracks to keep wasps out, which Andreas Iliopoulos, an exterminator with Poulin’s Pest Control, said does not often work.

“A lot of times when you disturb one area, they’ll locate another one and still get in. So you want to cover all your bases,” Iliopoulos said.

Experts recommend setting traps – filled with sugary drinks – and using insecticide sprays is the best solution to getting rid of wasps.

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