Nova Scotia medical marijuana dispensary expands to New Brunswick

Operating in legal grey zone – Riverview’s New Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a Budding Success
WATCH ABOVE: The town of Riverview, New Brunswick, says it’s looking into whether or not a marijuana dispensary that has set up is operating legally. Global’s Shelley Steeves reports.

A Nova Scotia medical marijuana dispensary has opened up shop in New Brunswick’s. Its owner says he’s already taken on 50 clients.

Malachy McMeekin operates four medical marijuana dispensaries in Nova Scotia. He opened Tasty Budd’s in Riverview on June 24.

“It just shows the clear demand for it,” McMeekin said.

McMeekin says he expanded to New Brunswick because New Brunswick patients were traveling to his province to get their prescriptions filled.

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“With us they get to come in and touch feel and smell [the product] and know exactly what they are getting,” McMeekin said.
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McMeekin’s store is the second dispensary to open in Greater Moncton. Dr. Greenthumb is also selling medical cannabis and licenced producer Organigram grows the product and sells it online.

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Meghan Walsh, a spokesperson for the town of Riverview says the town only found out that Tasty Budd’s was expanding to New Brunswick when the shop opened its doors last Friday. Walsh says the town is not willing to comment on the matter yet.

Walsh said the town is consulting with the RCMP and with the town planning department to see if the facility is operating legally and within the town’s current bylaws.

Moncton patient Murielle Berubé says she welcomes any facility that gives her better access to medicinal marijuana

“It helps me with many symptoms with my chronic pain, my PTSD, my fibromyalgia, my anxiety,” Berubé said.

Right now she buys her product online but would prefer more hands-on service, which is the very market McMeekin says he’s trying to serve. He is adamant he will only sell to people with a valid prescription.

“We verify it to make sure they are an actual patient and from there we are willing to serve them,” McMeekin said.

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