Manitoba RCMP use new tactic in Steinbach, nine drivers fined for distracted driving

An officer stands by the road holding a sign in while another tickets those too distracted to read it because they're on their phone. Manitoba RCMP twitter / @rcmpmb

RCMP say a new tactic used in Steinbach, Manitoba worked out well with a number of tickets and warnings handed out.

The two officers involved stationed themselves at an intersection on Wednesday. One held a sign that read “I’m not homeless. RCMP police looking for distracted drivers.”

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The other officer would check vehicles at the intersection and issue tickets to anyone on their phone, too distracted to notice the officer with the sign. Over a period of two hours nine tickets were handed out for people on their cell phones, as well as a number of other infractions.

“We actually warn drivers on social media and hold signs that clearly state our presence and enforcement,” Sgt. Bert Paquet with Manitoba RCMP said Friday.

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“So this is not about collecting fine money, it’s about enhancing safety.”

Manitoba RCMP tweeted two pictures showing the officers at work in Steinbach. The second tweet highlights the fine for distracted driving as $299.65 and 5 demerits.

“Safe driving is about making smart decisions for yourself, and the other drivers you share the roads with. Do it for the ones you love,” Paqeut said Friday.

Full list of fines:

  • Nine cell phone
  • One seatbelt
  • One speeding
  • Two window tint warnings
  • One seatbelt warning

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